September 12th –14th 2014

Piešťany – Slovakia

The city of Piestany


Dear Sport Fans,

Olympic Hope competition closes in. First starts will be already on Friday. We, all organization team are very glad that in the competiton will take part 650 participants from 27 countries. It will be the most grandiose event in the world in this year, in this age. It only attendance of 21 boats K4 boys on 1000m, on Friday says about the quality of this competiton. We make everything to make competitors and fans feel comfortable. Direct on target will be widescreen display, which will transpit images of each race. We also provide live stream via internet from Piešťany for fans and parents who culd not attend. All races will be also archived in YouTube.

Boris Bergendi, Director of OC


Preliminary Form

Dear Friends, the Preliminary booking form for Olympic Hopes 2014 is open. Please download it, fill and send to


# Country
1 Australia
2 Austria
3 Belgium
4 Bosnia and Herzegovina
5 Croatia
6 Cyprus
7 Czech Republic
8 Denmark
9 France
10 Georgia
11 Germany
12 Hungary
13 Israel
14 Kazakhstan
15 Latvia
16 Lithuania
17 Poland
18 Portugal
19 Serbia
20 Slovakia
21 Slovenia
22 Sweden
23 Switzerland
24 Tunisia
25 Turkey
26 Ukraine
27 United Kingdom
28 United States of America